8 Tips for Choosing a Quality Used Car

A car is a vehicle that has now become a necessity for many people to travel and run businesses. The factor of public transportation, which is still far from comfortable, has indeed made many people choose to buy private vehicles for their daily needs. Unfortunately, not everyone can buy the car they want. The price of a car is still high, so they can’t afford it. But for those of you who really want to own a car, you can get around this financial problem by finding and buying a used car.

Used car? Can the quality be guaranteed? Even if it’s a used car, if you can carefully and precisely choose a car, you can get a good and quality car. From this, unfortunately, not everyone can carefully choose a good and quality used car. For those of you who really intend to buy and are eyeing a good and quality used car, you can apply the following tricks and methods.

1. Place of Purchase

The first way and trick to choosing a good and quality used car is to pay attention to where to buy the car. Indeed, now there are many places that open used car sales with all their offers. However, to get and buy a used car you can also buy it directly from people who really want to sell it directly. Buying at a showroom will indeed give you many choices, but you must know that buying through a showroom will definitely make the purchase cost bigger than if you bought it directly from the first person. Buying a used car through an intermediary will also make your purchase more expensive. Buying a car first hand will make you better understand the maintenance conditions of the car, especially if the person selling it is someone you know. Therefore, paying attention to where you buy a car is an important thing that you need to pay attention to.

2. Car Exterior

After you find the seller and the place for the car, it’s time to take the next step, which is checking. The part of the car that you usually pay attention to is the exterior of the car. Just do a check on this very first visible part. On the exterior of this car, some parts of the car that must be checked are the body parts. Pay attention to whether there are scratches or damage to the body of this car, how the paint is in condition, is it still smooth or rough. Also pay attention to the glass, whether there are parts that are cracked or broken. Also pay attention to the lights, whether something is broken and can light up properly, or even the light is no longer bright or even no longer lit. See also the condition of the four tires, are they still okay or worn. Also try going underneath to see if anything is rusty and porous.

3. Car Engine Performance

This is an important part of the checking process that should be paid attention to the most and should not be overlooked. Turn on the car engine and pay attention to the sound of the engine running. A good sounding engine is one that sounds smooth and not harsh. Cars that are still good also have the feature of being easy to start. After starting the engine try to do a test drive.
Try to shift the tooth, make sure that this tooth shift goes smoothly. Really feel the condition of the car while walking. If it feels heavy, tends to turn left or right, you should think twice about buying it. In this test drive, try to pass uneven roads to test the condition of the car’s legs. For the whole process of this drive test, you should do it with the seller so that the seller also knows the condition of the car.

4. Accessories and Interior

When you’re done with the exterior and engine, it’s time to take a look at the accessories and interior parts of the car. Some of the accessories and interior components of the car that you need to look at include the dashboard, AC settings, carpets, and pay attention to the quality of the upholstery and ceiling. Make sure to try to sit on the seat, pull it back, and check the quality of the upholstery. The glass part also should not go unnoticed by trying to raise and lower the windshield. Also check the wiper button and the condition of opening and closing the car door. Finally, also try to check the turn signal, hazard, headlights and brake lights. Radio or other audio facilities are also important for you to try by turning it on and playing.

5. Completeness of the letters

Vehicle certificates are crucial things that you must pay attention to when buying a car. Make sure you get the original document papers. because currently there are so many fake securities in circulation so that the stolen car sells at a high price.

6. Physical Check

To be more sure, there is nothing wrong with doing a physical check at the Samsat office. With this physical check, you will be able to make sure the data and information stated in the document match what is actually on the car. Of course, you can do this physical check after getting permission from the car owner or seller. Don’t hesitate to ask the owner for a physical check. If you are sure that you will buy the car, the owner will usually be willing to do a physical check on the car.

7. Insurance

Finally, the ways and tricks to choose a good and quality used car is to pay attention to the insurance on the car. If the used car you are going to buy has insurance, of course this will be even better. What about the owner’s name? Don’t worry, insurance can be transferred through the name transfer process to the insurance company that guarantees the vehicle you want to buy. Don’t forget to prepare complete buying and selling documents so that the process of changing the name of this insurance can run smoothly.

8.Research Before Buying

Research before buying is something you must do before buying a used car. This is of course to prevent you from unnecessary losses such as damage to the used car that you bought just because you did not carefully check the condition of the car beforehand. By applying some of the tips above, purchasing a used ppun car will be more profitable for you to use for daily use or for business purposes