End-of-life car statistics

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l Although each Train-miles and Car-miles are proven for rail, only Train-miles are included in the whole. A Train-mile is the motion of a practice, which may include multiple vehicles (cars), the distance of 1 mile. This differs from a vehicle-mile, which is the motion of 1 car the space of 1 mile.

Built at the Volkswagen Chattanooga Assembly Plant, the brand new Passat permits constructing and delivery prices to be reduced considerably over its predecessor making it extra competitive to offerings from rivals on the $20K mark. Tesla is an American company based in Silicon Valley that designs, manufactures and sells electric vehicles and solar energy power techniques by way of is subsidiary, SolarCity. The last Mazda 6 rolled off the road on Friday, August 24, 2012, with Mazda discontinuing manufacturing on American soil, effectively ending the 20 yr joint-venture between Mazda and Ford. Mazda moved manufacturing of the Mazda 6 again to Japan and opened a manufacturing unit in Salamanca, Mexico, which builds the Toyota Yaris iA and Mazda 3 subcompact and compact cars. Kia Motor Company, partially owned by Hyundai, has constructed a manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia, which produces the Optima sedan and the Kia Sorento SUV.


This exhibits how much of the reuse/recycling price is contributed by reuse (e.g. as spare parts), by recycling from de-pollution and dismantling actions, by recycling from shredding actions and by recycling in other international locations (export). The share of those contributions is determined by the supply of national shredder installations, the demand for spare components for old automobiles and other national situations, in addition to different reporting choices as described in the section above. In 2016, the total reuse and recycling rates ranged from 78 % in Malta to a hundred and one % in Greece (see Figure four). Figure 4 supplies reuse/recycling charges as reported in Tables 1 to 3 of the Commission Decision 2005/293/EC. The percentages given check with the whole car weight (W1).

The Commission Decision 2005/293/EC on monitoring of the reuse/restoration and reuse/recycling targets for finish-of-life automobiles permits completely different approaches to demonstrate that the targets are met. One risk to satisfy the relevant targets is to have reporting based mostly on information supplied by the operators. Alternatively, some international locations apply the so-referred to as ‘metallic content assumption’ (MCA) strategy and report all metals in reporting Table 2 only, regardless of whether metals are separated throughout de-air pollution and dismantling (reporting Table 1), or shredding (reporting Table 2), or whether metals are exported (reporting Table three). During the interval 2015-2016, EU Member States were required to fulfill rates for reuse and recycling of ≥ eighty five % and for reuse and restoration of ≥ 95 % by an average weight per vehicle. The reported charges are proven in Tables 1 and a couple of.

The reported figures for 2008–2016 differ from around seven-hundred kg to more than 1300 kg. For the EU the common weight of finish-of-life automobile (imply 2008–2016) is 1002 kg. Figure 1 exhibits the variety of end-of-life autos, per 1 000 inhabitants within the European Union and EFTA nations for 2008 and 2016.