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How biking advocate Yashar Vasef will get around Portland

August 7, 2012 – During the Transportation 2040 Phase 2 consultations in June and July 2012, over 10,000 people participated by way of public events, neighborhood and stakeholder meetings, a web-based questionnaire, social media, and e mail. In general, there was sturdy help for the City of Vancouver’s draft transportation insurance policies and actions. July 29, 2016 – The Active Transportation Promotion and Enabling Plan (ATPEP) appears at non-infrastructure primarily based approaches to growing the quantity of people that walk and cycle to their destinations. Urgent transportation infrastructure requests such as sewer again-ups, missing/broken street signs, malfunctioning visitors alerts, and damaged tree limbs blocking the road right-of-method must be immediately reported to the Department of Transportation’s 24-Hour Emergency Dispatch Center at (408) 794-1900.

Delivery trucks are hurting cities. Can making them smaller help?

Main maritime routes are composed of oceans, coasts, seas, lakes, rivers and channels. However, because of the location of economic actions maritime circulation takes place on specific components of the maritime area, notably over the North Atlantic and the North Pacific. The construction of channels, locks and dredging are attempts to facilitate maritime circulation by reducing its discontinuity, however such endeavors are extremely expensive. Comprehensive inland waterway techniques include Western Europe, the Volga / Don system, the St. Lawrence / Great Lakes system, the Mississippi and its tributaries, the Amazon, the Panama / Paraguay and the inside of China. Maritime transportation has high terminal costs, since port infrastructures … Read More

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