Tips for Choosing a Comfortable Family Car

Having a four-wheeled vehicle is not a luxury nowadays but rather a necessity. Especially with the existence of a government program that provides cheap car prices with the aim that all people can enjoy the taste of driving their own car. Family car is the most ideal car in Indonesia, considering that the average Indonesian community has quite a lot of family members. By using a family car that is able to accommodate all family members, when going to anywhere you feel more practical, easy and fast.

For those of you who are planning to buy a new car with a family car type, you can follow a few easy tips below:

• Calculate the number of passengers who will board later. In this case, of course, your nuclear family members who use the car every day. For a family car usually consists of 7 seats. For those of you who have 2 children, a car with 4 seats can still fit and accommodate.

• In addition, fuel consumption for the car you choose is also very important. Do not buy a car with wasteful fuel consumption, especially for long distances, your finances will certainly be disrupted.

• Furthermore, also choose a family car that provides complete safety facilities such as air bags, seat belts, brake systems and others. Safety features are mandatory that you must be in every car if not it will be very dangerous and risky especially if there is an accident there.

• Families when traveling will usually carry a large amount of luggage in their luggage, therefore considering the area of   luggage is very crucial so that when you are going home or traveling far, you will not experience any problems with this. Spacious luggage will also be highly recommended for those of you who bring small children because it can be used as a crib.

• Don’t forget to consider the brand of a car. Don’t just be happy with a cute or fierce car model, but pay attention to the brand behind it. When the car is damaged, is the dealer and repair shop easy to find? Don’t forget the problem of genuine parts. It is simple but often overlooked. Choose a car from a brand that is clearly quality especially for use with all family members where comfort must be number one.

• It is also important to consider the after-sales price of the car you choose later. In Indonesia, there are several brands where the price of a car in its second condition is still high and stable. That’s what should be included in your list. That way if one day you want to replace with a new car, you don’t need to add too much money.